Love’s Journey

To all the sisters and the brothers Let go of lack and let us be lovers For each pathway that you discover Infinite pathways for you to uncover   When you can’t see your way ahead Just let go and see potential instead For there is nowhere our fear has led Except for despair and … Continue reading Love’s Journey


Warning – may be offensive to the lighter side of life

I realised something a long time ago, that my poetic words are nothing more than a wasted diversion of energy. Yet despite this I continued to write, these words may have lifted people, they may have allowed others to feel that someone else could relate to their situation, they may have served to allow me … Continue reading Warning – may be offensive to the lighter side of life

Your deepest joy resides within your deepest fears


Transcending emotion involves embodying your greatest fear – like dissolves like

For me, my deepest fear was of being alone. Outwardly I was driven into a situation where internally I felt so utterly alone. When I realised that not one being on this planet was actually going to be able to help me, that I was the only one who could get me through, that I was the only one that could make my choices and take action, that I was the only one that could truly love me, I plunged into a pit of fear.

Now don’t get me wrong this was painful, REALLY painful, to feel so utterly in despair and helpless, to feel so insignificant, to feel so un-loved was not a pleasant place to be, but I am so glad I went there/am there!!! Because this is when I grew up and stopped trying to hold…

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The Destination

The destination he could not become until he did not know the way. Signs may appear in outer world but they all lead astray For the destination was the free fall, trusting love's game to play So walk into the love that's blind, let go for self to see TClayton 2016